'These vessels were made using an English terracotta clay body hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and finished in a translucent Turquoise Crackle Glaze.
The inspiration for this range comes from the idea of working with the interesting organic patterns and delicate textures often found in nature. While the work is still drying I apply a thin coat of liquid white clay to create ‘Zen like’ runs down the side of each piece, this enhances the glaze colour and slightly burns away during firing to reveal many unique and interesting markings. This effect creates an overall harmonious balance with the shape and form giving each piece a special individuality. The lower part of each vessel has been left unglazed as I feel the natural terracotta clay offers a pleasing tactile contrast to the glaze finish and adds poise to the final composition. Here, as with much of my work, I have left visible a few gentle throwing lines and unique markings to show the origins of being made on the potter’s wheel.'

Russell Akerman
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