'These vessels were made using an English Terracotta clay body hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and finished in a deep Black ware ‘Mirror Glaze. I designed this collection especially around the highly reflective glaze and the way it attractively mirrors light from the environment. The semi translucent nature of this rich finish is much enhanced under bright lighting and reveals many interesting organic variations to the clay body below. As with much of my work I have left the lower half of each vessel unglazed as I feel the natural terracotta clay offers a pleasing tactile contrast to the glaze finish and creates an overall natural balance. I have also left visible a few subtle throwing lines and unique organic markings to show the origins of being made on the potter’s wheel. The intention here was to use the above elements in combination with the shape and form to compose a range that is classical in spirit yet contemporary in feeling.'
Russell Akerman
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