The inspiration for much of my work comes from studying the origins and evolution of pottery from various cultures worldwide. I have a particular interest in the aesthetics of thrown forms and the challenge of creating them on the potter’s wheel. I combine this with the philosophy of working in harmony with my materials and their natural physical properties.
Vernacular shapes and traditional methods show hundreds, if not thousands of years of refinements by countless craftsmen and have always been, for me, a deep creative well from which to draw inspiration. The swelling out of a pot from its foot to its shoulder and back in again, if kept within certain proportions, are generally pleasing to the senses. These proportions seem to be quite common to many cultures, throughout most of antiquity and tell us a great deal, not only about the history of pottery, but also about ourselves.
Born in Hampshire and raised in St. Ives, Cornwall, England, I have by natural cultural inheritance found much inspiration from the vernacular styles of 18th & 19th Century English Country Pottery. The fluidity, honesty in shape & form, and integrity in manufacture, makes this tradition, for me, a historical high point in skill and craftsmanship. I am also inspired by oriental pottery, in particular from China; this vast country with its rich ceramic heritage has produced some of the finest examples of fired earth ever made and is always a rewarding visit for new creative ideas.
When working with clay I like to combine tradition with innovation, finding, that for me, creativity takes place somewhere in the space between the two. This combination of the familiar with the unknown is my preferred mode of work, which I find to be an exciting and creative interface where new territories can be shown on familiar landscapes.
This approach to creative composition draws significantly from both artistic intuition and visual observation of the natural world. These themes can be found in my work by the interplaying of flowing mathematical curves with contrasting bold statements in colour and texture.
I find that a few gentle throwing lines, marks where the pottery has been lifted from the wheel, or a unique path taken by the liquid-slip can form interesting organic patterns. These ‘Happy Accidents’, for me, are often the finishing touches that breathe life into a handmade piece, giving it a special individuality that captures its moment of creation forever. I also find it interesting that these broken symmetries are the very things that give the natural world its distinctive character.
Russell Akerman
Russell Akerman 2007
If you would like to enquire into buying a piece of my work or want to know which galleries are currently exhibiting my ceramics, please contact me by email or telephone:
Studio Telephone Number: 0791 4733852
Please know that you are genuinely welcome to phone the pottery workshop direct.
Where I will be very happy to take the time to answer any questions about my work that you might like to ask.

As a rough guide to 2007 prices, the smaller vessels (Height:13 -18cm) start from around £45 - £75, and gradually climb up to about £250 - £350 for a very large piece (Height: 35-45cm).
When you email, or phone, please let me know, which kind of piece(s) and glaze colours you are interested in. I try to keep a varied selection of pottery available for sale at the studio, and will do my very best to help you find the piece you are looking for. As I regularly sell to collectors from all around the world I gladly welcome enquiries from overseas customers and galleries.
Thank you once again for your interest in my work and I hope that you will soon enjoy owning a piece of my studio pottery.
Russell Akerman
I can accept payments by sterling cheque or online via Paypal.
Paypal is very popular with my overseas customers as it accepts currencies from all around the world, at no charge to the customer, and offers free payment protection.
Within the United Kingdom
Orders under £100 are £3.95 Postage & Packing (signed for).
Above £100 orders are £5.95 Postage & Packing (signed for).
Airmail Worldwide
All orders under £100 are £7.95 Shipping & Packing (signed for).
Above £100 all orders are £12.95 Shipping & Packing (signed for).
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